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Tanks & Containers


Isolated Transport TankThis professional tanks for the long distance transport of live fish are made of strong double wall reinforced glassfibre polyester in white color, isolated with 2 cm thick foam panels and metal fittings made of stainless steel. On the top, the tanks have an anti-slip surface, which makes it possible to walk and service them safely. For the save transport they also have a well closing splash-proof cover, air and oxygen connections as well as a handle. The tanks have a 2" outlet and a water-proof hatch for water drainage or exchange, situated on the front wall. A large outlet gate with inner closing door allows easy emptying the tank of fish and water. As option these tanks can be supplied with dividing inner middle wall and a second outlet gate. As accessories mounting corners, an outlet chute or an outlet funnel with pipe adapter are available.

The following types are available as standard:

TT0800   800 120(137)   90 85(101) 75x60 33x29 115
TT1000 1000 130(147) 100 85(101) 75x60 33x29 125
TT1200 1100 170(187) 105 75(100) 75x60 40x29 150
TT1400 1350 170(189) 105 90(114) 75x60 33x29 165
TT1600 1600 210(227) 105 88(112) 110x75 40x29 200
TT2200 2200 222(241) 105 112(137) 110x75 40x29 250
TT2600 2550 220(239) 120 113(138) 110x75 40x29 260
TT2800 2800 222(241) 105 136(152) 75x60 33x29 285
TT3000 3150 222(241) 105 152(176) 75x60 33x29 310

The numbers in brackets are overall dimension with gate and cover.


FISH TRANSPORT TANKS to customer design

Customized Transport TankThis individual tanks for the save transport of live fish are made of reinforced glass-fiber polyester with a smooth surface in the colors white or green. To use the space of the transport vehicle more economically all tanks can be manufactured to customer design with your individual layout dimensions. All tanks are supplied with well closing, removable cover and lid as well as hand grips. As option, these tanks can be supplied with slanting inner bottom and splash protecting top and with drainage valve with sieve and outlet gate. As accessories, installed (12 Volt, DC) circulation pump systems or various diffusers, pressure reducers with flow meters, oxygen cylinders or liquid oxygen units are available.


FISH TRANSPOR TANKS from Polyethylene

Polyethylene Transport TankThis reasonable tanks for the short transport of live fish are made from smooth polyethylene in green color. The tanks are fitted with handles and available in different sizes (LxWxH 80-130 x 60-90 x 35-65 cm) with volumes of 130-500 l (larger on request). All tanks are delivered with removable cover in aluminum and drain outlet. As accessories, separate (12 Volt, DC) membrane compressors and various diffusers and hoses are available.



Transportcontainer für den HubstaplerIn order to move and release live fish easy inside the farm we offer this Austrian development. The container is made of 5 mm strong aluminum (LxWxH 180x110x65 cm, weight approx. 170 kg) with cover and has special supports for a forklift. A water tight outlets sluice and the draining bottom allow to empty the container easily and save until the last fish. An out- and overflow valve with water level regulation allows an easy water replacement, even with fish inside the container.

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Lifters & Elevators

Lifting net in useLIFTING NET with automatic lock

This lifting nets can be used perfectly to harvest larger fish quantities gently from raising- or holding-units.
The fishes are harvested directly with the lifting net from cages, tanks or other systems where the fish are already kept in high density by using a crane (see picture). For opening the base of the net, simply the rope of the automatic lock is pulled, and the fishes are released gently.
The lifting net has a diameter of 1 m (other sizes on request) and is available with different outfits (just with 50 mm outer net, and with or without tarpaulin inside, and with or without 10 mm inner net. It will be delivered completely with single (6 kg) or double (16 kg) frame made from aluminum or galvanized steel, ropes and automatic lock.


LIFTING DEVICE for live fishes

Lifting deviceThis lifting devices which work with an "Archimedes Screw" of 38 cm in diameter and are suitable for up to 6 t/h of any fish species and sizes between 3 and 3000 g. They are mobile and used mostly  for indoor or outdoor transportation of live fish, from and between ponds, raceways or net cages etc. to graders, transport tanks or slaughtering. The frame guarantees easy regulation and indication of the screw angle and allows to place it in various positions. The device outlet is designed in a way that it can be connected to a pipe system.
The lifting devices are complete equipped with: screw made of durable fiberglass reinforced polyester, frame construction made of stainless steel, wheels made of hot-galvanized steel, firmer and electric motor (380 V 0.7 kw) and available in lengths of 4, 5, 6 or 7 m for a lifting height of 2-4 m.


IMPELLER PUMPS with or without separator

Impeller Fish PumpThis newly developed impeller fish pumps are specially suitable for loading live fresh- and saltwater fishes and shrimps from below 1 to over 2500 g in body weight, from production units up to 9-15 m in height to grading machines, holding basins or transport tanks. They work with 1-2 electric motors (380-420 V/50 Hz, other voltages on request) for fast prime- and main-drive (adjustable 100-1500 RPM), and a directly connected maintenance free gear drive and reaches a fish loading capacity of up to 10-30 t/h. The inlet- and outlet connections have a diameter of 63-200 mm (2.5-8.0"). The electric box can be controlled directly on the panel or by the supplied remote control unit (reach up to 200 m, IP67). The fish pumps made from stainless steel are mounted on a moveable trolley made from stainless steel or aluminum, fitted with 2-3 inflatable tires (25-40 cm diameter) and 1-2 stabilization feet, as well as 1-2 handles. They have compact overall dimensions with a relatively low weight . Flexible hoses with fast-coupling sets and a separator unit with 5 or 10 mm gratings which separate fish from water are available as accessories.

The following types are available as standard:

Type/Model PM2 PM6 PM8
Connections 63 mm (2,5") 150 mm (6,0") 200 mm (8,0")
Fish sizes approx. 1-40 g 2-700 g 5-2500 g
Capacity max. 10 t/h 20 t/h 30 t/h
Pumping height (Suction+Pressure) 9 (3+6) m 12 (3+9) m 15 (3+12) m
Water turnover max. 42 m3/h 232 m3/h 550 m3/h
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1,32x0,67x1,05 m 1,75x0,93x1,25 m 1,75x1,08x1,65 m
Weight approx. 100 kg 220 kg 550 kg
Motor power 1,1 kw 3,0 or 5,5 kw 11,0 kw
Pump speed 800-1500 rpm 200-540 rpm 100-390 rpm


VACUUM PUMPS with or without weighting system

For the lifting of fishes to grading machines and/or the loading of transport tanks etc. this fish vacuum pump is especially suitable. The functional principle is relative easy but effective, which helps to reduce unnecessary breaks and expensive repairs. The fishes (up to 5 kg in body weight and up to 16 t/h) are sucked up to 5 m in height, via an inlet funnel over a 6 m long suction hose (150 or 200 mm Ø) by two vacuum tanks (each 150 l) which work in exchange. By a 0.6 m2 large separator with 8 mm grid distance, the fishes are separated from water and glide so directly into a transport tank etc. The water and fishes leave the unit by a hose (water outlet 200 mm - fish outlet 230 mm Ø), which can be adjusted in height from 90-150 cm. The live fish pump has dimensions (L x W x H) of 360 x 155 x 230 cm) and a weight of approx. 650 kg. The motor (400 V/50 Hz, 4.0-7.5 kw) is integrated into the galvanized steel housing. The 3 transport wheels and telescopic legs guarantee that the unit stands well and is safe.

Vacuum pump with scale

As option, there is a scale available, which weights the fishes (up to 1 kg in body weight and up to 6 t/h) after the fish pump. The weighting results (accuracy +/- 50 g) can be added and easily read from the display. The fish scale has dimensions (L x W x H of 165 x 103 x 165 cm) and a weight of approx. 190 kg.


Vacuum fish-pump with automatic weighting systemVACUUM PUMPS with or without lifting system

Adjustable fish sucking vacuum pump for loading of transport tanks (on truck). With two (hot galvanized or for saltwater in stainless) steel vacuum tanks (200 liter each) that suck and discharge alternatively, vacuum-pump (with double air-cooling) and 1 HP air compressor for pneumatic movements, automatic electrical regulation and 10 HP motor (220/380 Volt, 50 Hz, or different on request). The (up to 6 m) sucked fish are separated from the water through a (hot galvanized or for seawater in stainless) steel grill separator and thus send into a container connected with a weight indicator with electronic digital display, programmable either on loading quantity or working time.
On request the draining height is also adjustable between 1,35 and 3,05 meter trough an hydraulic power plant driving a piston that lifts and lowers the whole structure. By dimensions of 165 x 430 x 340 cm (maximum height 5,1 m) and a weight of 1.550 kg up to 15.000 kg of fish up to 1,5 kg (on request up to 3,0 kg) can be moved.

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Graders & Sorters

MANUAL GRADING DEVICE for fry and fingerling

Grading deviceOriginally developed at the Austrian Institute of Fisheries Economy in Scharfling, this simple but effective sorting device is perfectly suitable for sorting of fry and fingerlings in small to medium fish hatcheries and already used for centuries. The distances of the grating can be easily adjusted by shaping the device to a rhomb. The seawater resistant impregnated wooden frame keeps floating and an exact distance between the aluminum grates. The device is placed in one tank, than fishes are just put into the device, the smaller fish go thru the grates while larger ones can't pass and are placed in another tank. For grading into more than 2 size classes, the grates are enlarged by simply pushing the whipable scale-bar, and so on.

Available in two sizes:

Type Small Large
Device size cm



Grading distance mm





This graders are made of aluminum and stainless steel and are available for various fresh- and sea- water fishes from Salmoniformes and Cypriniformes to Perciformes etc. The grading technology is based on 2-5 V-shaped channels with moving plastic fingers below, which moves the fish until the channel is too wide for the fish thickness and the fish are released to the collecting tanks below, from where they are flushed with water to the outlets, and additionally by pipes back to the holding ponds. During the whole grading process the fish are kept wet by water (submersible pump optionally). The machines are mounted on a trolley with 2-3 wheels. Equipped with 380 V/50 Hz motor (230 V on request).

The following types are available as standard:

Type/Modell H10 H30 H40 H50 H60
Grads 4 3 4 3 3
Fish Size 1-100 g 5-800 g 5-1500 g 10-2500 g 100-5000 g
Capacity max. 1 t/h max. 3 t/h max. 5 t/h max. 7 t/h max. 9 t/h
Channels (LxW) 1600x28 mm 2000x42 mm 2500x65 mm 2400x75 mm 2400x120 mm
Outlets 8x125 mm 6x160 mm 8x200 mm 6x250 mm 6x250 mm
Dimensions (LxWxH) 3,3x1,0x1,4 m 3,0x1,0x1,3 m 3,9x1,0x1,3 m 3,7x1,2x1,5 m 3,7x1,2x1,5 m
Weight 260 kg 300 kg 400 kg 500 kg 500 kg
Power 0,25 kw 0,25 kw 0,37 kw 0,55 kw 0,55 kw
Pump capacity 20 m3/h 30 m3/h 40 m3/h 50 m3/h 60 m3/h

Grading machine

Some graders are also available with an integrated fish counting system.



Automatic grading machine with fish pumpThe automatic grading machines for life fishes works with a revolving rollers-system and a free adjustable grading process for 3 grads and outlets (120 mm Ø). Adjustable stainless steel rollers are driven by a 0,5 HP (220/380 Volt) geared motor reducer. A self priming 3,0 HP (220/380 Volt) pump which is available as accessories, supplies the water (900 liter/minute), to the rotating rollers and flushes graded fish down to the three outlets and to be piped by gravity to the receiving tanks or ponds. It is able to make three contemporaneous selections from 4 to 40 mm thickness. Stainless steel movable discharge outlets that can be used whether on the left or on the right side of the grader. As standard, all parts as: electrical control panel, flexible suction intake with terminal filter and three flexible connecting pipes for the discharge outlets. All machines are mounted on a hot galvanized steel trolley with three wheels, adjustable supports and shaft.

Type ALFA has dimensions of 195 x 75 x 110 cm and a weight of approx. 200 kg, and is used for fingerlings (sorting distances 4 to 14 mm). The grading capacity is up to 1 t/h.
Type STANDARD has dimensions of 280 x 110 x 130 cm and a weight of approx. 400 kg, and the fish can be supplied by hand or by an external fish pump. The grading capacity is up to 3 t/h.
Type GIGANT has dimensions of 360 x 140 x 140 cm and a weight of approx. 600 kg, and is like Type Standard, but the grading capacity is up to 5 t/h.
Type COMBI has dimensions of 400 x 175 x 200 cm and a weight of approx. 800 kg, and is equipped with a (5,5 HP 220/380 Volt) aluminum fish-pump witch draws the fish directly from the pond or raceway, separates them from the water and feeds the grader. This pump embodies a revolutions variator (adjustable by means of a handle), witch enables the head and the loading capacity (up to 7 t/h) to be regulated.

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Counters & Scales

ELECTRONIC COUNTERS for fry and fingerlings

Fish Counter Type MicroThis fry counters have been developed with particular emphasis on well-being of the fish. The counters operate according to the "free-swim" principle: the fry or fingerlings (0,2-50,0 g depending on species) are in their natural element all the time and swim through the counter unit by instinct. Thus the counting will in no way cause stress to the fish. The counters have patented nozzles that separate the fish by means of water so that each of them passes the photoelectric cell - a simple and reliable way of counting the fry with 98-100 % accuracy. The counters are fitted with reliable electronic components with memory. The electronic cylinder operates on chargeable batteries but may also be connected to 220 V/50 Hz. Sensor unit and electronic cylinder are both water-resistant. The counters are easy to use and to handle. No division according to size is required and only one person is required to operate or move the counter. Each counter includes a stainless steel water pump (220-240 V/50 Hz, 940 Watt, 11 kg with a capacity of 12 m3/h), and frame to mount the counter on the edge of a tank or placing it in a tank or cage. As accessories kits are available to count fry from 0,2-0,5 g.

The following types are available as standard:

Type Micro Macro
Fish size g 0,5-5,0 5,0-50,0
Capacity/h 30.000-35.000 25.000-60.000
Dimensions (LxWxH) cm 77x64x47 40x25x90
Weight kg 10 15
Nozzles mm 13, 17 and 23 35 and 48
Mounting standing hanging


FISH COUNTERS for graders or pipes

Fish CounterThis newly developed fish counter series made of aluminum and plastic was specially developed to count fast (about 3-5 t/h) and accurately (over 97 %) live fish like salmonids, cyprinids and percids (from 1-5000 g) after an automatic grader. The counter is simply connected to the outlet tube of the grader or any other tube. Provided with programmed intelligence, the fish counter performs various controls (auto-test) and informs the user in case of failure. The electronic display provides the following information: number of fish counted, status and degree of sensivity selected. The two new sensors with transmitter and receiver modules are mounted into a slide and are provided with an electrical connector. The graphic display and the power supply cable are also equipped with an electrical connector (90-220 VAC/15 VDC). The various connectors are connected in the junction box of the main module. All electronic parts are sealed, easily removable and replaceable by the user. The counters are available for fresh- or seawater use and supplied with a set of separators and two support legs. A reception tank/funnel with 160/200 mm diameter pipe connection is available as accessory, as well as an inlet hopper for manual use.

The following types are available as standard:

Type FC2 FC4 FC8 FC12
Channels numbers/Wide mm 2 x 210 4 x 100 8 x 50 12 x 30
Fish size approx. g 500-5000 50-1000 10-100 1-20
Dimensions (LxWxH) cm 125x46x38 125x46x33 125x46x33 125x46x33
Weight kg 18 18 23 18
Connection mm 200 160 160 160


PIPELINE COUNTERS for many fishes

Fish Scanner with control unitThis fish scanners are based on a patented counting principle which gives both high capacity and accuracy (98-100 %). The fish flows freely through a pipe and passes an advanced camera/measuring system (CCD Camera chip) which will register the size and speed of the passing fish. The resulting data is then transmitted to a control unit which may handle as many as 4 channels (e.g. during grading) simultaneously. It is not necessary to have any space between the fish passing simultaneously. The robust and reliable electronics of the system will always provide the total number of fish passing through the unit. The splash-proof counters are easy to use and suitable for direct fish pump or grading machine feeding. Optionally an easy-to-use PC software which will in addition to presenting the accurate number, give you all the information you need from the counters. It gives you real time monitoring with key features like: number, weight (average/total/distribution), speed, efficiency, Reg. Unit status, lens check, systems log and printing the results.

The control unit (dimensions WxHxD 28x13x37 cm, weight 5 kg) is made from powder-painted marine aluminum case which is sturdy, splash-proof and user-friendly. The power supply is 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz (consumption 10-33 Watt), 12 or 24VDC (150 Watt power inverter available as accessories). The input channels can power and control up to 4 CSE or 2 CSF registration units at the same time. It has fluorescent buttons and backlit display, and also connectors for auxiliary equipment like PC, and PLC control etc. The adjustable carrying handle can also lift the front of the control unit (to approx. 10º, 30º and 45º) for easy operation and a better view. As options an external siren (115dB) and a PC monitoring system (requires a COM-cable) is available. The control unit can easily be connected to a PC to monitor and log the counting.
The CSE-units are used for "dry"-counting (pipe 0-25 % full of water through the unit) and suitable for many applications.
The CSF-units are used for wet-counting (pipe 100 % full of water through the unit) and suitable for special applications.
All registration units are delivered with 10 meter cable, other lengths available on request.

Technical data:

Type/Reg. Unit CSE CSF
Weight CSE1600: 14 kg
CSE2500: 23 kg
CSE3150: 26 kg
CSE3500: 32 kg
CSF1600: 25 kg
CSF2000: 35 kg
CSF3150: 65 kg
CSF3500: 80 kg
Dimensions (WxHxD) CSE1600: 315x410x235 mm
CSE2500: 410x610x265 mm
CSE3150: 450x650x320 mm
CSE3500: 510x780x330 mm
CSF1600: 698x698x186 mm
CSF2000: 818x818x186 mm
CSF3150: 1070x1070x212 mm
CSF3500: 1200x1200x212 mm
Flange connection -
Inner pipe diameter
CSE1600: DN150 - 150 mm
CSE2500: DN250 - 240 mm
CSE3150: DN300 - 300 mm
CSE3500: DN350 - 350 mm
CSF1600: DN150 - 150 mm
CSF2000: DN250 - 240 mm
CSF3150: DN300 - 300 mm
CSF3500: DN350 - 350 mm
Capacity (approx.) CSE1600: 20.000 pc/h
CSE2500: 20.000 kg/h
CSE3150: 25.000 kg/h
CSE3500: 30.000 kg/h
CSF1600: 10.000 kg/h
CSF2000: 30.000 kg/h
CSF3150: 100.000 kg/h
CSF3500: 130.000 kg/h
Fish size CSE1600: 1 g - 1 kg
CSE2500: 2 g - 7 kg
CSE3150: 3 g - 12 kg
CSE3500: 10 g - 18 kg
CSF1600: 1 g - 1 kg
CSF2000: 2 g - 7 kg
CSF3150: 3 g - 12 kg
CSF3500: 10 g - 18 kg
Power consumption CSE1600: 10,0 Watt
CSE2500: 15,5 Watt
CSE3150: 15,5 Watt
CSE3500: 17,5 Watt
CSF1600: 21,5 Watt
CSF2000: 21,5 Watt
CSF3150: 32,5 Watt
CSF3500: 32,5 Watt
Options Flange to pipe adapters (polyethylene):
CSE1600: DN150, L=50 cm
CSE2500: DN250, L=50 cm
CSE3150: DN300, L=50 cm
CSE3500: DN350, L=50 cm
Flange to pipe adapter with de-watering:
CSE1600: DN150, L=100 cm
Video system:
An affordable reassurance that everything is right during counting.
Includes a b/w videocamera mounted inside the top of the Registration Unit and a 12" b/w monitor. The monitor has two input channels for connection of two Registration Units/video systems.


UNIVERSAL SCALES with flat platform

Universal scale with platformThis new scales with stable base, 4-cell measurement technique and corrosion free platform made from stainless steel (70 mm high) are universally to use. The display (27 x 9 x 4 cm) with 25 mm LCD digits, 100 % tare function and 1,8 m spiral cable can also be mounted on a wall (angle adjustable). It is possible to select continuous display or automatic switch off. The energy supply over an rechargeable accumulator with charger allows a mobile use. The models have two inserted transport wheels on the side and on the opposite side a hand grip. Optionally these scales are available with wireless display.

The following models are available as standard:




Range to 150 kg 300 kg
Division 50   g 100   g

900 x 550 mm


UNIVERSAL SCALES with display post

Universal scale with postThis certifiable desk scales made from stainless steel are splash protected (protection class IP-65), strong and robust . The illuminated multi-display with 25 mm LCD-display, 5 function buttons, and 35-70 cm high post, as well as tare-, count-, percent- and add- function allow an multifunctional use. The display can run continuously or switch of after an adjustable time. The models have 4 adjustable feet, a RS232 output for a printer and an IR input for a remote control (not included), for an energy supply of 230 V/50 Hz). Desk scales for battery operation, on request. Optionally these scales are available with certificate.

The following models are available as standard:

Model WE-6/15 WE-30/60 WE-150/300
Range to 6/15 kg 30/60 kg 150/300 kg
Division 2/5   g 10/20   g 50/100   g
Platform 30x30 cm 40x40 cm 60x60 cm


CRANE SCALES with security hook

Crane scale with hookThis stable and professional hanging scales with robust cover made from aluminum (approx. 260 x 195 x 210 mm) are equipped with a 360 degree turnable security hook which is produced for 150 % over load and 500 % breaking strength. The 30 mm large LCD-display with illuminated digits, has an automatic tare function. The weight fixing function allows to weight the goods also during swinging load. The energy is supplied from a rechargeable accumulator with charger. All models models are suitable for the use with a remote control.

The following models are available as standard:

Model CS-3000 CS-5000 CS-9000
Range to 3000 kg 5000 kg 10000 kg
Division 1000   g 2000   g 5000   g
Weight 14 kg 24 kg 35 kg

We deliver also: Precision-, Table- or Floor-Scales, for ranges up to 10 t or a division from 0,01 mg on!

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Pumps & Generators

MULTI PUMPS for many applications

Multi PumpThis pumps with vortex propeller made from plastic can be mounted and used submerged inside the water (wet) as well as free standing outside the water (dry) and are suitable for particles up to 6 mm. Because of the strong ceramic bearing they are suitable for endurance run. All electric parts are embedded completely in plastic and a thermo-switch works as a overload protection. The split-pipe motor (220-240 V, 50-60 Hz) is specially energy saving and very maintenance friendly. The large prefilter caps (front and back) can be removed without any tool. The connections (pressure/suction) have 1,5 - 2,0 ". The pumps of this serial have compact dimensions and can be used for fresh and salt water. They are delivered complete with 10 m cable and plough, as well as mounting feet and handle.

The following models are available:

Type/Capacity l/h MP 20000 MP 26000 MP 33000 MP 40000
Pumping height max. m 6,5 7,7 9,5 8,5
Power consumption Watt 400 510 620 650



Pipe pumpThese compact submersible pumps in new design with more stages are maintenance friendly, and are developed for long resistance. As all metal parts like: housing, cable cover, motor adaptor, wheel, valve, inlet screen and outlet connection cable including couplings are made from stainless steel (AISI 304), these pumps are complete resistant against rust. Propeller and diffuser are made from Polycarbonate, the bearing from Polyurethane, and the sealing from special rubber material. The maximum outside diameter of these pumps is 99 mm or 4 inch (3 or 6 inch on request), so that they fit into a pipe. The outlet connection is 1-2 inch and the length of the pumps is 695-2368 mm and their weight 11-52 kg (depending on types).

The following types are available:

Type kw stages m3/h Capacity at 2850 RPM






3,0 3,6 4,8 5,4 6,0 7,2


2GS02 0,25 5 Meter 33 30 28 26 20 13            
2GS03 0,37 7 Meter 47 42 40 36 29 19            
2GS05 0,55 10 Meter 67 60 56 52 41 27            
2GS07 0,75 14 Meter 93 83 79 73 57 37            
2GS11 1,10 20 Meter 133 119 113 104 82 53            
2GS15 1,50 28 Meter 187 167 158 146 115 74            
2GS22 2,20 40 Meter 367 238 226 208 164 106            
2GS30 3,00 52 Meter 347 309 294 271 213 138            
4GS03 0,37 4 Meter 27     24 23 21 19 13 9      
4GS05 0,55 7 Meter 47     42 40 37 33 22 15      
4GS07 0,75 9 Meter 60     54 51 47 42 28 19      
4GS11 1,10 17 Meter 94     84 80 74 66 44 30      
4GS15 1,50 19 Meter 127     114 108 100 89 60 40      
4GS22 2,20 27 Meter 181     162 154 142 127 85 57      
4GS30 3,00 34 Meter 228     204 194 179 160 107 72      
4GS40 4,00 48 Meter 322     288 274 252 226 151 102      
8GS07 0,75 4 Meter 26           23 22 21 20 18 15
8GS11 1,10 6 Meter 39           35 34 32 29 27 22
8GS15 1,50 8 Meter 52           47 45 43 39 35 30
8GS22 2,20 13 Meter 85           76 73 69 64 57 49
8GS30 3,00 17 Meter 111           100 95 90 83 75 64
8GS40 4,00 23 Meter 150           135 129 122 113 102 86
8GS55 5,50 32 Meter 208           187 179 170 157 141 120
8GS75 7,50 43 Meter 280           252 241 228 211 190 161


SUBMERSIBLE PUMPS for endurance run

Submersible PumpsThese submersible pumps where developed for the mobile and static operation and have a special sealing and lubricated bearings for a maintenance free endurance run in any position. Pumped can be all liquids with particle sizes of up to 7-10 mm, a weight of max. 1.100 kg/m3, with temperatures up to 40 degree C and a pH-value between 4-8. The motor (1460/2900 RPM) is available for 400 V/50 Hz as standard (other voltages on request). A thermal protection and a double case cooling  protect the motor from overload (IP68). The pumps, made from aluminum and stainless steel, can be submerged to 20 m and are available with an extern or build in floating switch as accessory, so that the pumps work only when it is necessary.

The following pumps are available as standard:

Type C-35 C-60 B-80 B-140 A-170 O-450
Pumping volume m3/h 0-35 0-60 0-80 0-140 0-170 0-450
Pumping height m 16-0 21-0 24-0 24-0 37-0 24-0
Power kw 1,8 3,0 4,6 6,9 7,5 15,0
Pump Ø cm 22 22 26 26 31 47
Weight kg 32 35 49 59 87 190


PROPELLER PUMPS for much water

Propeller PumpThis single stage pumps with open axial propeller are suitable for less polluted water with suspended solids of up to 50 mg/l and a water temperature of up to 50 °C. The left running motor (380/400/500 V, 50 Hz, 1450 RPM, power factor 0,83-0,87 cos) has a failure runner and waterproof coiling. The motor is capsulated by a glide seal, the axial and radial wave bearing in water lubricated glide bearings. The propeller is made from bronze (CuSn10), the radial bearings from bronze and stainless steel, and the bolts and screws from stainless steel (V2A). All pumps are made according to DIN EN ISO 9906 class 2, protection art IP68) and are suitable for endurance run, timed operation or frequency regulation and are supplied with 10 m directly connected waterproof rubber cable. The installation can be in any angels, horizontally and vertically, as well as submerged hanging or free standing. The connection flange is C 200-300 DIN. The standard outfit has a casing of painted grey-glue metal (GG25). Casings in aluminum or bronze are possible on request. A niveau regulation, frequency control, motor monitor and operation counter are available as accessories.

The following models are available:

Type PO-200 PO-250 PO-300
Capacity m3/h 150-320 0-620 0-1000
Pumping height m 5,5-3,0 9,0-0,0 23,0-2,8
Suction height max. m 1,0 2,0 3,0
Power kw 5,0 9,2 30,0
Weight kg 220 270 590


MOTOR DRIVEN PUMPS for any purpose

Motor PumpThis self priming, compact and engine driven pumps are specially suitable for the use in aquaculture, agriculture and industry and can also pump sludge or small stones. Driven by a strong and economic 1-cylinder 4-stroke petrol motor, this centrifugal pumps are environmentally friendly and reliable. A transistor controlled starter guarantees easy running also after longer pauses. Type WH is for higher pressure and Type WM is specially suitable for seawater and chemicals as the pump casing is made from polyester. The types WT are for waste water and stones up to 3 cm diameter available. All types (except WX) are bordered with a sturdy frame. All pumps are delivered completely with pipe connections and ground filter.

The following pumps are available:

Type WX 10 WX 15 WB 20 WB 30 WM 20 WH 20 WT 20 WT 30 WT 40
Pumping volume l/min 140 240 600 1100 850 500 650 1300 2300
Pumping height max. m 35 40 32 28 32 50 26 30 29
Suction height max. m 8,0 8,0 8,0 8,0 8,0 7,5 8,0 8,0 8,0
Connections mm/inch 25/1,0 38/1,5 51/2,0 75/3,0 51/2,0 51/2,0 51/2,0 75/3,0 100/4,0
Motor kw/HP 0,8/1,1 1,8/2,5 2,9/4,0 4,0/5,5 4,0/5,5 4,0/5,5 4,0/5,5 5,9/8,0 8,2/11,0
Tank volume liter 0,6 1,2 2,5 3,6 3,6 3,6 3,6 6,0 6,5
Consumption liter/h 0,5 1,1 1,1 1,5 1,6 1,6 1,6 2,0 3,3
Weight kg 7 10 21 27 26 27 38 58 68
Length cm 33 33 47 51 52 52 62 66 74
Width cm 22 28 35 38 40 40 46 50 54
Height cm 33 38 36 45 45 45 47 52 57


DIESEL GENERATORS for endurance run

Diesel-Generators 8-16 KVA watercooledThese compact synchrony-generators are more powerful than asynchrony-generators. Motor, generator and exhauster are water cooled and need no air ventilation. The cooling water can be used for heating. They are installed into an encapsulate housing which guarantees low noises (52-54 dB). The units are easy to operate with the supplied remote control unit. The diesel consumption is about 0.3 liter per produced kwh.

The following types are available:

Type 4000 8000 12000 16000
Cylinder 1 2 3 4
Power KVA/kW 4,0/3,5 8,0/7,0 12,0/10,0 16,0/14,0
Dimensions LxWxH cm 55x32x52 73x58x65 86x58x65 97x58x65
Weight kg 83 175 210 230


WIND GENERATORS for water aeration or lifting

Wind generatorThis system is one of the most modern small size wind generator worldwide. Because of 30-years of experience they are highly economic. The rotor with 6 arms has a diameter of 150 cm and allows a high capacity even at low wind speeds. Available with a beam of 3 or 6 m in height (6 cm diameter) which is mounted with a rope system (included), it is either supplied with a water pump for lifting of water (suction height max. 7 m, pressure height max. 2 m) or an air pump for aeration of water (incl. 1 m long/deep diffuser).

Generally, the following performances are reached:

Wind speeds Meter/s 3 4 5 6 7 8
Air pumping capacity Liter/h   650   870 1080 1300 1520 1740
Water pumping capacity Liter/h   208   325 375 520 560 600

Alternatively, instead of the pumps, a generator for the production of electric energy is available.


ELECTRIC FISHING DEVICES with direct- or impulse-current

This save and powerful electric fish catching machines are successfully in use on all continents since over 30 years. Through the various and sometimes problematic areas of use, a wide range of electrocatchers was developed which will match nearly any requirement. All our devices are build to EN 60335 standards, IEC and VDE-regulations, and can be TÜV-tested if preferred. The electric building corresponds to security class II. Therefore all power delivering parts are double isolated and guarantee the best possible security for persons. A "Deadmanswitch" (in the European Union required) guarantees for additional security, so that all outlets of the device are without electric current if dangerous situations arise. The backcarry units additionally have a tilt-switch. The permanent excited generator and the high quality magnet materials guarantee a continuous and reliable power. Each device will be tested mechanically and electrically completely and delivered with user manual.
Direct current creates usually a better anodic reaction and lower deformations of fishes than impulse current would doe. But at extreme conductivities or for electric barriers with direct current soon the borders are reached. As result, powerful combined (Direct-/Impulse-Current) devices were created, where the impulse frequency and volts can be adjusted (via motor turns or switch). The backpack units are compact lightweight systems with high outgoing power. Impulse devices are a little larger and have a little more weight than direct current devices.
We deliver net-, battery- or motor-driven back-carry- or stand-devices with direct- and/or impulse current with an outgoing power of 250-15.000 Watt (5-160 kw/impulse at 10-100 impulse/sec.), and a current of 100-1000 Volt with a weight of 5-100 kg and for a water conductivity of 50-20.000 µS. As accessories are available: 30-60 cm Ø stainless steel anodes with RGP-electro handles up to 6 m in length, copper cathodes with cable and connector, plastic cable drums for up to 100 m cable, hand- or foot- Dead-man-switch, electro-rubber outfit (tested to 1000 Volt) as well as tanks and lights.

Electrofishing battery devices (250-10.000 Watt) Electrofishing backcarry devices (1.300-3.000 Watt) Electrofishing stand devices (3.000-13.000 Watt)Electrofishing net devices (3.000-13.000 Watt)

We deliver also: Circulation-, Sludge- and Special-Pumps!

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