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Diseases of Carp and Other Cyprinid Fishes
By P. Burgess, I. Wellby, David Hoole, David P. Bucke, Hardcover, 280 pages.

A practically oriented text devoted to the understanding of the health and diseases of cyprinid fish, which are exploited for a number of purposes, including food, fishing, and as ornamentals. Features approximately 100 color and numerous halftone photographs. Recommended for all fish pathologists and veterinarians, as well as aquarium and pond-keepers and fishery managers and fish farmers.

Carp and Pond Fish Culture: Including Chinese Herbivorous Species, Tench, Pike, Pike-perch, Catfish, and Goldfish
By Laszlo Horvath, Gizella Tamas and C. Seagrave (Contributor), Hardcover, 170 pages.

A detailed yet practical guide to the principles and procedures of cyprinid fish farming using traditional and modern pond culture techniques. Describes the complete cycle of fish culture from selection and spawning of broodstock through methods of early fry rearing to growing and harvesting. A special chapter is devoted to the propagation of other pond fish species including: Chinese herbivorous species tench, gold fish, pike, sander and wels-catfish. Copiously illustrated.

Carp: Biology and Culture
By Roland Billard (Editor) and Lindsay Laird (Translator), Hardcover, 342 pages.

As a group, carp provide 4 million metric tonnes of fish annually - over a quarter of all fish culture worldwide. For the first time, a book is available in English that concentrates solely on the carp as an economic rather than an ornamental fish with a panel of international experts producing a comprehensive, practical volume about carp production and management. Starting with a brief look at the biology of cyprinids, the book then discusses the methods and management of carp farming, from water quality to the economics of fish production in ponds. Novel methods to improve stock, including genetic engineering, are covered and case studies give added value to the text. As carp farming turns from traditional to intensive methods, farmers, researchers and technicians in industry will welcome this benchmark volume, which also is a valuable reference book for graduate and postgraduate students and lecturers in aquaculture.

Environmental Biology of European Cyprinids
By Wolfgang Weiser, Fritz Schiemer, Alfred Goldschmidt (Editors), Hardcover, 263 pages.

Papers from the Workshop on "The Environmental Biology of Cyprinids" Held at the University of Salzburg/Austria.

To Catch a Carp
By Tim Paisley, Hardcover, 192 pages.

For the majority of anglers with a limited amount of time and money to spend, the first objective is quite simply "to catch a carp." In this book, the author and his distinguished contributors explain how this can best be achieved through a better understanding of what is happening above and below the water. A wealth of information and advice on all aspects of carp fishing is discussed; from baits and presentation to casting and tactics on different waters in different seasons.

Carp on the Fly: A Flyfishing Guide
By Barry Reynolds, Brad Befus, John Berryman and Dave Whitlock, Hardcover, 176 pages.

This book is a super introduction to the freshwater Bonefish. Carpfishing on the Fly has all you need to get started. It is great for any carp angler even if you don't fly fish. It talks about in debth the behavore of a feeding and non feeding carp. Whether it's tackle, tactics or fly patterns you're looking for it's in this book. Of course, there is a great section on why to fish for carp as well as sections on the life cycle and biology. Chances are good you'll find carp near where you live.

Koi Appreciation: The First Step
By Kate McGill, Hardcover, 128 pages.

A lavishly illustrated guide to the classification and appreciation of this popular ornamental fish, featuring 250 color photos. Koi have been prized for decades for their beauty and exotic appeal, but never before have so many people kept these magnificent fish, whether as ornamental pets or to breed and show. "Koi Appreciation: The First Step" is a book for all koi lovers. Written by a leading koi judge, it explains how to look at the fish for quality and appreciate the intricate blending of color and form that gives every koi its individuality and charm. This handsomely illustrated volume includes: basic information about the classification of the thirteen varieties of koi; lists of koi within each variety; an explanation of Japanese terms used to identify a variety’s features; an overview of general appreciation points; and 250 color photographs.

How to Keep Koi: An Essential Guide
By David Twigg, Hardcover, 144 pages.

The most colorful and complete quick reference guide to these “Jewels of the Orient.” In the pages of this new reference you'll find: Glorious photographs are presented in a new, relaxed manner, backed up with stunning and information-packed graphics, including large, cutout photographs. A detailed, illustrated look at how to set up a koi pond, with practical guidance on filters and other water treatment systems. Information-packed graphics makes this an easy-to-use manual for both beginning and advanced koi keepers. A general introduction to getting started with koi, including how they are bred and what they need to thrive. Lavish presentation of all the color varieties of koi, featuring large, cutout photographs. Discover how to look after your koi on a day-to-day basis, from feeding to breeding to health care. In-depth analysis of what makes a good and not-so-good example of each type of koi. Tips definitions, and helpful hints to ease the way towards maintaining a proper environment for your koi.

The Cult of the Koi
By Michugo Tamadachi, Hardcover, 288 pages.

This book is an excellent reference for beginners and experts as well. It gives a great overview of the history of Japanese, Domestic and German Koi. It gives an excellent review of the different types of Koi that help in identification. Koi dealers says that their consensus is that Cult of the Koi is by far the best they have ever seen.

Koi: Living Jewels of the Orient
By Steve Hickling, Mick Martin and Nick Fletcher (Editors), Hardcover, 208 pages.

In Japan, breeding koi - a colorful and beautiful member of the carp family - has occupied a position between hobby and art form for more than two centuries. This stunningly illustrated book, compiled by a team of koi experts, shows and tells aquarium enthusiasts virtually everything they need to know about this fascinating activity. Koi are hardy fish, relatively large in size, and the most practical way to keep them is in an outdoor pond. Combining text with illustrations, an important section of the book explains the requirements of a garden pond for koi, showing the filtration system and pointing out how it functions. Most of the book concentrates on koi themselves, focusing on a brief history of koi, advice on buying koi, the fish's physiology, health care, feeding, breeding koi, showing koi, and joining koi clubs. An 80-page section tells all about koi variations, and features color photos of more than 100 varieties. Illustrated two-page spreads review each variety's history, and show both their more desirable and less desirable color markings. Here is a beautifully designed and illustrated volume that emphasizes the special satisfactions of keeping and breeding koi. Approximately 450 color photos and illustrations.

The Ultimate Koi
By Nick Fletcher (Editor), Hardcover, 256 pages.

Bringing together the expertise of a panel of world authorities, this exquisite book examines Japan's celebrated ornamental carp in extraordinary detail. The Ultimate Koi is presented in five sections encompassing 29 chapters and covering all aspects of the Koi itself, the pond, care essentials, ways to enjoy these fish and references featuring six important topics on successful Koi management. The book is fully illustrated in breath-taking color, a must-have for every amateur and professional connected with the hobby.

The Professional's Book of Koi
By Anmarie Barrie, Hardcover, 159 pages.

This book is a superbly presented full-color guide to the art of raising colorful Japanese carp. Over 150 photographs and drawings illustrate an informative and seminal volume that is as practical as it is fascinating. Individual chapters address proper aeration and filtration of Koi ponds, steps to ensure proper nutrition and health, koi breeding and exhibitions, and much more. The Professional's Book of Koi is a truly first-class reference for anyone with an interest in learning about and raising koi.

Goldfish and Ornamental Carp
By Bethen Penzes and Istvan Toelg, Paperback, 127 pages.

Goldfish Breeding and Genetics
By J. Smartt, J. H. Bundell and E. Bundell (Contributor), Hardcover, 256 pages.

Among the many claims to fame of the goldfish, not the least interesting is that it was apparently the first fish to have been domesticated successfully.

The Essential Goldfish
By Maddy Hargrove (Editor) and Aaron Norman (Photographer), Paperback, 92 pages.

"The Essential Goldfish" is just one of the books in the popular "Essential" guides series. Packed with interesting sidebars and color photos, each book discusses the special characteristics of the featured pet and offers expert advice on feeding, care, health, and more.

Fancy Goldfish Culture
By Frank W. Orme, Hardcover, 284 pages.

Fancy Goldfish: A Complete Guide to Care and Collections
By Erik L. Johnson, Richard E. Hess and Fred Rosenzweig (Photographer), Hardcover, 176 pages.

This is THE book to own if you're interested in fancy goldfish. The section by Erik Johnson really gives a modern update to goldfish husbandry incl. disease treatment etc. Richard Hess and Erik Johnson have put together a fantastic book containing so much info assembled from a wide variety of sources that it makes a great reference book - both to the novice and the pro. The section on ranchus also is top notch. This great book isn't just a picture book; it's packed full of valuable information that anyone can use!

The Barbs Aquarium
By Oliver Lucanas et al., Paperback, 96 pages.

Aquarium owners find these colorful tropical fish exceptionally active, with correspondingly huge appetites. Their several varieties are native to southern and southeast Asia. Titles in the extensive "Complete Pet Owner's Manuals" series provide pet owners with basic information on keeping healthy, contented, well-cared-for animals. The series includes approximately 175 titles and covers pets of every kind: dogs, cats, and birds of many breeds, as well as fish, reptiles, rabbits, hamsters, and just about any other animal that people keep as a pet. Facts and advice cover all aspects of pet care, which include proper feeding, housing, health care, training, and much more. The text in each manual is supplemented with many vivid, full-color photos, and with instructive, anatomically accurate line art.

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