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Martin Hochleithner
Unterbrunnweg 3
A-6370 Kitzbühel

Tel: +43/664/1048297

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Terms of delivery and payment in short
(but only the German version is binding):

Generally, our offers are for business to business (B2B) and will expire latest after 3 months.
All prices are ex work/factory/storage (EXW), excluding handling, packing and VAT.
Below a goods value of EUR 100,- we charge handling costs of EUR 10,-
Deliveries within the EU are VAT free if a valid European VAT number is provided at order. For export no VAT is charged from our site.
Delivery time starts after order confirmation or/and receiving of pre-payment.
For canceled orders we will charge the economic losses but minimum 25 % of the ordered value.
For storage of finished products, we charge after the first free month, a storage fee of EUR 50,- per started month and square meter (m2).
The transport of the goods is the risk of the buyer. All goods will be shipped uninsured, for a freight insurance 1 % of the goods value must be added.
The transport does not include the unloading of the goods from the truck, which must be organized by the buyer on his own expenses.
Payment is required in advance (CIA), in Europe we may deliver also cash on delivery (COD fees EUR 15,-).
For outstanding payment amounts we will charge an interest fee of 1 % per month.
Generally, the warranty is max. 1 year (B2B).

Standard Surface Freight Costs (approximately):

Weight - up to:

2 kg

5 kg

10 kg

15 kg

20 kg

25 kg

30 kg

over 30 kg

Europe in EUR








rates on request

World   in EUR








rates on request

Express Air Mail + 100 %
UPS, TNT, DHL, EMS on request.

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